Virtual RBP Women’s Bible Studies Continue during COVID-19

Midland Church in Flood Zone Now Helping Others

Florida Church Preparing to Rebuild after Fire

Virtual GARBC Conference Registration Now Open!

Changing Times and a Changeless God

God Is Working in Indian Fellowship Through Pandemic

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  • My Grandpa’s “Worry Gene”

    My Grandpa’s “Worry Gene”

    While it is true that believers may struggle with sins, those sins should no longer define the believer: we must cease being what we were ...more

Educational Resources

  • A Puppet Matinee!

    A Puppet Matinee!

    If you only plan to do the Will Ketchit Skits during VBS, consider presenting a matinee performance of the Big Fish Bay Puppet Skits. Here are three possible ways to present the ...more

  • Have a Family Fun Fair in Big Fish Bay after VBS

    Have a Family Fun Fair in Big Fish Bay after VBS

    Keep having fun and learning after VBS! Use the Big Fish Bay postcards to invite students and families back to your church for a Big Fish Bay family fun fair. And when you visit students for follow-up, invite the family to the ...more