Donations Enable Tribal Hills Children to Attend School

Church Bell Remains in Building Destroyed by Wildfire

RB International Welcomes Two New Associations

GARBC Conference Preparations Well Underway

The Parking Lot Tax and Its Implications for Churches

Encouragement for Parents of Prodigal Children

Ministry Highlights

  • Church Celebrates 15 Years

    Church Celebrates 15 Years

    NAPERVILLE, Ill.—Pillar of Faith Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Ruel Akut and Associate Pastor Brad Blissett, celebrated its 15th anniversary. Bryan Augsburger, pastor ...more

Latest Blogs/Commentary

  • Rethinking Revoice

    Rethinking Revoice

    Is it possible to "redeem queer culture" while remaining true to Biblical standards and terminology? The Revoice Conference thinks so, but it is a difficult ...more

Educational Resources

  • Use Effective Memory Techniques

    Use Effective Memory Techniques

    As you get to know the kids in your club, you get to know their unique needs, which may include help with their memory work. Here are suggestions for effective ...more