Virtual RBP Women’s Bible Studies Continue during COVID-19

Midland Church in Flood Zone Now Helping Others

Florida Church Preparing to Rebuild after Fire

Virtual GARBC Conference Registration Now Open!

Changing Times and a Changeless God

God Is Working in Indian Fellowship Through Pandemic

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  • Why Originalism? Part 3

    Why Originalism? Part 3

    Common Objections and Questions Previously, we argued that the soundest hermeneutical approach is what we are calling originalism. (Read part 1 and part 2.) This method ...more

  • Forgiveness


    Just as biblical love is an action (not a feeling) so is biblical forgiveness. Stop looking at your emotions as a barometer and start looking ...more

  • Why Originalism? Part 2

    Why Originalism? Part 2

    An examination of the originalist interpretation of Scripture and non-originalist hermeneutical approaches that are in vogue ...more

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  • New RBP Book Helps Christians Conquer Unhealthy Competition

    New RBP Book Helps Christians Conquer Unhealthy Competition

    Regular Baptist Books announces the upcoming release of “No Contest: Overcoming a Competitive Spirit” at the 2020 GARBC Conference in June. The book looks at unhealthy competition from a Biblical perspective and offers Scriptural commands and principles for overcoming ...more