Virtual RBP Women’s Bible Studies Continue during COVID-19

Midland Church in Flood Zone Now Helping Others

Florida Church Preparing to Rebuild after Fire

Virtual GARBC Conference Registration Now Open!

Changing Times and a Changeless God

God Is Working in Indian Fellowship Through Pandemic

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  • God Never Changes

    God Never Changes

    Ironically, one of the few constants in life is change. But Jesus Christ is “the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Heb. ...more

Educational Resources

  • Set a Goal, Reach a Goal in VBS

    Set a Goal, Reach a Goal in VBS

    As your goals solidify, they will bring clarity and help people rally around VBS—providing specifics to give to, work toward, and depend on God ...more

  • What You Wear Says a Lot!

    What You Wear Says a Lot!

    Wearing theme apparel sets your VBS apart and communicates that your church is a welcoming, thoughtful place that’s “Hooked on God’s ...more