Heritage Baptist Church Marks 50 Years of Ministry

Church Holds Annual Service in a Park

Children Receive Jesus as Savior at the Evangelistic VBS™

The Clarity of the Throne


True Worshipers

Ministry Highlights

Latest Blogs/Commentary

  • My “Interracial” Engagement

    My “Interracial” Engagement

    By Rebekah Anderson In 280 days, I get to marry my best friend—the man I admire more than anyone else in the world. And some people are ...more

  • Responding to Depression and Suicide

    Responding to Depression and Suicide

    Andrew Stoecklein looked like the poster boy for the next generation of pastor. Relevant, filled with potential, and enjoying an idyllic life, he was young, ...more

Educational Resources

  • Use Games Effectively

    Use Games Effectively

    You are using a reward system, and that’s great. Kids enjoy being rewarded for doing well, especially in review games, especially when there’s ...more

  • Use a Reward System

    Use a Reward System

    You’ve shown your students that you value God and His Word, now it’s time to show them that you value their time and ...more