Seminar Helps Ministry Leaders Hone Preaching Skills

Illinois-Missouri Association Meets for Spring Conference

Rocky Mountain Churches Meet for Annual Conference

Feeding the Masses

State Association Leaders Discuss Effective Ministry Partnerships

Gladys Dillon (1935–2021)

Ministry Highlights

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  • On Uncertainty

    On Uncertainty

    This is a time of great uncertainty, but it is also a time for reflection on First Things, on Prime Principles. On what is certain. ...more

  • Crisis Catapults Courage

    Crisis Catapults Courage

    We’re all in over our heads right now. These are hard times. But the hard times are the best times to become who God made ...more

Educational Resources

  • New RBP Book Helps Christians Conquer Unhealthy Competition

    New RBP Book Helps Christians Conquer Unhealthy Competition

    Regular Baptist Books announces the upcoming release of “No Contest: Overcoming a Competitive Spirit” at the 2020 GARBC Conference in June. The book looks at unhealthy competition from a Biblical perspective and offers Scriptural commands and principles for overcoming ...more