Care for Ministry Workers and Their Families

Memoirs of an Extraordinary Pastor

Ministry Opportunity Becomes Ministry Reunion

Faith’s Celebration of the Century

Connecting with Others to Finish Life Well

Live for God Today

Ministry Highlights

  • Live for God Today

    Live for God Today

    Each fall, Central Baptist Theological Seminary holds a conference "designed to edify and equip believers in the areas of ministry and Christian ...more

Latest Blogs/Commentary

  • Develop a Vision

    Develop a Vision

    Generate desires to see churches renewed and strengthened. Through the Generate Renewal Grant, churches can work with experienced consultants to help fuel the health of ...more

Educational Resources

  • Additional Resources You Could Use in Kids4Truth Clubs

    Additional Resources You Could Use in Kids4Truth Clubs

    While Kids4Truth Clubs resources aid in teaching the 12 doctrinal themes, some teachers enjoy digging even deeper as they prepare to teach lessons; others enjoy decorating rooms or having giveaways or store items that reinforce the lesson themes. Here are the 12 themes with lists of resources available from ...more