Classes beginning in February. Check back  soon for registration information.

The Regular Baptist Web Community benefits you! 

Exceptional topics for your church ministry are available through the Regular Baptist Web Community. Interact online with quality content from the comfort or your own home or office.

5 ways the GARBC delivers an exceptional online learning experience to you!

The Regular Baptist Web Community includes five learning venues. Choose one that is best for you.

    • Learning Labs: Shared instruction on a designated ministry-related topic using direct teaching, discussion, problem solving, experimentation, and review. Training occurs in four sessions per topic.
    • Webinars: Specialized instruction on a designated ministry-related topic. Direct instruction takes place in a single session.
    • Cohorts: A discussion group addressing a variety of current topics and challenges in life and ministry. The goal is to learn from others’ experiences and provide encouragement and support.
    • Seminars: Instruction to help you and your church move people toward spiritual maturity. BuildUP Seminars are available for church leadership, church education leaders and volunteers, youth ministers, Sunday School teachers, and parents.
    • Consultations: Online ministry consultations are available to the leadership teams of GARBC churches. To meet your church’s needs, a variety of consultation options are available. GARBC administration team members John Greening, national representative, and Michael Nolan, director of business administration and treasurer, are ready to help and encourage your leadership team.

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