Remembering the Fallen

'Focus on Eternity,' Conference Encourages CARBC

Garden Party Honors Fallen Veterans

Norm Olson’s Last Song

Bible Translation Blessed with Full Funding

What Do You Mean, Relevant?

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  • Remembering the Fallen

    Remembering the Fallen

    Our nation is blessed in so many ways, and on Memorial Day, we remember the blessings that have come through sacrifice, protecting us from oppression ...more

  • Norm Olson’s Last Song

    Norm Olson’s Last Song

    After a career full of deadlines, Norm Olson, retired senior editor of the Baptist Bulletin, was settling into a quiet routine with his family and ...more

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  • What Do You Mean, Relevant?

    What Do You Mean, Relevant?

    Many Christians obsess over making Christianity relevant. But why should Christianity be made relevant, and what would a relevant Christianity look ...more

  • Because He Lives

    Because He Lives

    This Easter we are reminded once again that Jesus did not stay in the tomb but is fully alive. And our lives right now are ...more

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  • Kids4Truth Clubs Leads Teacher Training

    Kids4Truth Clubs Leads Teacher Training

    When Marrena Ralph went to visit her son Peter, the youth director of Bullittsburg Baptist Church, she took advantage of an opportunity and asked the church to host a Kids4Truth Clubs training ...more