A New Initiative – A Restored Passion – An Essential Movement

Church Planting Logo

It’s time to get back to the root of how each of our churches started . . . every church is a planted church.

The Regular Baptist Churches is renewing out focus on church planting. Over the coming year we will be sharing plans to reignite the church planter in you. No matter its size, every church can participate in some way in church planting. Start praying and discovering what role your church will have.

A peak inside the new initiative:

  • Networking–We have a ready available network of agencies, schools, churches, and church planters with which to connect the local church with. By working together we can be stronger!
  • Resourcing–We have multiple resources from financial grants to published materials, to assist church planting endeavors.
  • Mobilizing– We have tools for training and coaching to help church plants succeeds.

Read Introducing Regular Baptist Church Planting to find out more about this initiative. Look for the upcoming launch of the church planting initiative.