Moving Forward: Consultation Services Assist

The drawers are empty, the shelves are cleared off, and the lights are turned off in the pastor's office. Retirement is a big change not only for a pastor but also for his church. Where does the church go from ...more

Equipping Church Plants

Pointing individuals and churches in the direction of quality resources that can help them become stronger church ...more

Free Webinar: "The Question Churches Rarely Ask"

For churches that are committed to taking care of their pastors but are on tight budgets, there is always a hidden concern: "What if our pastor gets sick or injured and can no longer work? How could we take care ...more

Regular Baptist Web Community Discusses Ladies' Ministry How-tos

An interactive series is for women to share ideas and challenges of ladies’ ...more

8 Money Myths That Can Negatively Impact Your Ministry

Money matters matter—even at church, because as church leaders we have a God-given responsibility on behalf of God’s people to direct the financial affairs of our churches with integrity and wisdom. Unfortunately, common misunderstandings regarding money can derail our efforts. ...more

The Top 6 Areas of Pastoral Search Evaluation

The task of a pastoral search committee in a church isn’t what it used to be. It was never easy, but it seems to be especially demanding these days due to a diversity in ministry methodology and vision among pastors. ...more

12 Turnoffs for Newcomers

Most church leaders are happy to see guests visit on Sunday. Sometimes they come as a result of a personal invitation. At other times, a community ministry contact or a website search prompts a visit. But the more important issue ...more

How to Turn Workers into Leaders

Here’s what I’ve discovered about leadership development: some of the best leaders I’ve worked with as a pastor had their start as workers. They didn’t suddenly jump into leadership but began with some area of simple service that helped them ...more

5 Things New Believers Need for Growth

The local church, by God’s design, has the responsibility of fostering spiritual growth. All that we do in worship, fellowship, service, and Bible study ought to be means toward our end, that is, discipleship. In short: the church is to ...more

Top 10 People Skills for Church Leaders

Church ministry is people ministry, and those of us who seek to sharpen our skills in this area will reap the rewards of greater support and unity among our people—and greater ministry effectiveness! I have a long way to go ...more

Baptist Bulletin September 1944

Articles included in this issue: What Is the Association? Our Missionary Policy Future of Association Safeguarded Who Controls the GARBC? Some Observations on Baptist Individualism List of fellowshipping churches in 1944 September 1944 (4.69 ...more

Year-end Contributions

As tax-preparation season arrives, people often have questions about the cutoff date for church giving contributions that can be counted for charitable deductions. The quick answer is that all contributions must be received on or before Dec. 31, 2011 (by ...more

A Man and His Country

A Man and His Country. This men's Bible study will help develop a patriotic grid that enables you to differentiate good practices from those that might diminish your testimony for ...more

The Baptist Bulletin

The Baptist Bulletin is the official publication of the General Association of Regular Baptist ...more

Build UP Seminars

Build UP Seminars help you and your church move people toward spiritual ...more

Conflict Under Control

Conflict Under Control - This seven-lesson course based on Philippians can be used as an individual or group bible study as you seek to get Conflict Under ...more

The Right Pastor

The Right Pastor is a thorough, step-by-step workbook – everything you'll need in your search for a new ...more

Memorial Day Service Resources

Memorial Day, a great time to reach out to your community and honor local heroes, is May 30. Here are great resources for planning a special patriotic service or event. 1. Tract: “A Soldier’s Journey of Faith,” The story of Major ...more

Veterans' Day Resources

Veterans’ Day , a great time to reach out to your community and honor local heroes, is November 11. Here are great resources for planning a special patriotic service or event. 1. Tract: “A Soldier’s Journey of Faith,” The story of ...more