• March 2015 E-Info: How Sweet It Is!

    March 2015 E-Info: How Sweet It Is!

    Through years of experience I have learned that the accomplishment of big goals in ministry often are attained from the hard work of deliberate planning, laborious attention to detail, plenty of communication, and tons of patience. The ecstasy of the conclusion comes only after the sweat of the process. Recently I was reminded of this when experiencing two and a ...more

  • Being God's Giver

    Being God's Giver

    Praise and Prayer: GARBC Purchases New Facility The staff of the GARBC is praising the Lord for His help in the sale of the Schaumburg, Illinois, resource center building and the purchase of a new facility in nearby Arlington Heights. Please pray for quick approval of building plans for retrofitting the new facility and then for the builders as they remodel. ...more

  • Association Updates: March 2015

    Association Updates: March 2015

    Talents For Christ: Register by March 11 Talents For Christ advances teens in growing in their confidence, developing their talents, expanding their commitment to serving Christ, and enhancing their spiritual walk. Encourage teens in your church to get involved! Individuals and/or groups can participate in scholarship or open (non-scholarship) competitions. Deadline for registering for scholarship, state open, and state group competitions ...more

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  • State Associations

    The following state and regional associations and representatives have autonomous ministries with no formal connection with the national GARBC. Many state Regular Baptist associations partner ...more



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