• November 2014 E-Info: A Rare Combination

    November 2014 E-Info: A Rare Combination

    Since joining our staff six months ago, David Gunn is a great delight to have as a Regular Baptist Ministries colleague. David’s focus is to provide editorial oversight for the Baptist Bulletin and Regular Baptist Books. In addition, he supervises our Regular Baptist Press VBS product line. David is a rare combination of scholarship, loyalty to the Word, managerial competency, ...more

  • Being God's Giver

    Being God's Giver

    Pray for Persecuted Christians in China Dr. Christian Wei, president of Christian Way Missions, sends the following update: "Instead of decreasing in recent years, incidents of persecution in China are rising. This persecution comes in many forms: arrests, which rose 12 percent between 2011 and 2012; sentencing to prisons and labor camps, up 125 percent in the same period; limitation or denial ...more

  • Association Updates: November 2014

    Association Updates: November 2014

    Give a Lasting Christmas Gift Involve your adult Sunday School classes in a special Christmas offering project: giving the gift of great preaching! The GARBC Resource Center contains archival materials from men who have provided our association with rich history and vast knowledge and wisdom. Their testimonies and teachings enrich our lives today and provide guidance for the future. Due to ...more

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  • State Associations

    The following state and regional associations and representatives have autonomous ministries with no formal connection with the national GARBC. Many state Regular Baptist associations partner ...more



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