• September 2016 E-Info: Great Campaigning!

    September 2016 E-Info: Great Campaigning!

    I remember taking our kids to an amusement park when they were young. At the beginning of the day, they couldn’t figure out where to start. There were just too many good rides! Although the ministry certainly is no day in an amusement park, there are plenty of good endeavors from which to choose. While you are scanning E-Info, make sure ...more

  • Being God's Giver

    Being God's Giver

    WEST VIRGINIA CHURCHES RECOVERING FROM FACILITY DAMAGE Regular Baptist Builders Club Director Michael Nolan shares the following update on Regular Baptist churches in West Virginia. Calvary Independent Baptist Church (Clendenin) From this church's exterior, anyone unfamiliar with the flooding that occurred in June probably wouldn't realize the extent of the damage to its facility. Church members and volunteers have done an exceptional job ...more

  • Association Updates: September 2016

    Association Updates: September 2016

    FROM OUR KNEES: 30-DAY PRAYER CAMPAIGN Plan now to participate in a special 30-day prayer campaign for the Regular Baptist Church Planting initiative,  beginning on Sunday, October 23. Every movement starts somewhere. God movements start when His people unite with His heart to reach people for His glory. This happens best when we pray. We are asking God for 500 churches ...more

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