• March 2017 E-Info: A Refreshing Drink!

    March 2017 E-Info: A Refreshing Drink!

    “Good news from a distant land is like cold water to a parched throat” (Proverbs 25:25). Recently a cool drink came my way during an online meeting as a pastor shared that he is showing the Regular Baptist Church Planting video to his church family. Not only will this pastor be raising the church's awareness of church planting, but he ...more

  • Being God's Giver

    Being God's Giver

    URGENT NEED TO HELP UGANDA CHURCHES IN FAMINE The Eastern Uganda Baptist Association, which partners with Regular Baptist International, is in urgent need of compassion. In a recent e-mail to Director Chris Hindal, Rev. Joshua Masaba, president of Eastern Uganda Baptist Association, says, “I am bringing to your attention the famine disaster that is hitting the communities in our region due ...more

  • Association Updates: March 2017

    Association Updates: March 2017

    CRAB CAKES, ANYONE? CONFEREES TO ENJOY CHESAPEAKE BAY Imagine yourself walking along the Chesapeake Bay at sunset, enjoying the company of family or friends or perhaps a moment of solitude. If you haven't made plans to attend the 2017 GARBC Conference, reserve the dates of June 27–30 on your calendar, and start making your conference/vacation itinerary. The Lord has blessed Sandy ...more

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