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Chinese House Church Leaders Attend Kindergarten Graduation


LYFE Conference Encourages Women to Thrive


Pastor Jeff Bartz Earns DMin Degree


Join us for 2nd Annual Late Night with RBP!


Good Times at Conference Picnic!

Ministry Highlights

  • Prayer Request: Sothman Family

    Pastor Dave Tebbenkamp requests prayer for the Sothman family, whose one-year-old daughter was involved in a tragic accident on Monday and passed away earlier today. ...more

Latest Blogs/Commentary

  • What Does ‘Judge Not’ Mean?

    What Does ‘Judge Not’ Mean?

    One of the more frequent retorts that is thrown at Christians is that we are not to judge. Unfortunately, some Christians have picked up on ...more

  • A Response to the ABWE Report

    A Response to the ABWE Report

    GARBC National Representative John Greening responds to the recent publication titled, “The ABWE and Donn Ketcham Investigations Final Report.” ...more


Educational Resources

  • Join us for our 2nd annual Late Night With RBP!

    Join us for our 2nd annual Late Night With RBP!

    Enjoy a complimentary reception with Regular Baptist Press on Tuesday, June 28, at 8:45 p.m. at the GARBC Conference. Last year’s reception was energetic and well attended, so don’t miss out on the sequel! Enjoy food and fellowship as you watch the premiere of the 2017 VBS video and get to know a little more about our new kids’ club ...more