Talents For Christ: A Lifelong Experience


RBP Workshop Presents How to Maximize Teaching


International Director Ministers in Gig Harbor, Washington


Camp Fairwood Hosts Teen Winter Blast


Ankeny Baptist Church Hosts Iowa Caucus


Christian Workers' Retreat 'Inspiring' and 'Eye-opening'

Ministry Highlights

  • Enhancing the Local Church with Music

    Enhancing the Local Church with Music

    Music can have a profound impact on a person's life, both mentally and spiritually. Listening to music can enhance a person's capacity for retaining information, increase ...more

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  • What about Muslims?

    What about Muslims?

    Controversy over Islam is increasing both within American religion and among American political candidates. How are Christians, and especially Baptists, supposed to think about ...more

Educational Resources

  • New Book Examines High Churches

    New Book Examines High Churches

    A new book examining what the ancient high churches teach and what is contrary to Scripture is now available at from author Ken ...more