Consultation Services

Our GARBC Resource Center (1.888.588.1600) is here to assist pastors and churches! As a service to churches in the GARBC, the association provides complimentary ministry consultation. Team members John Greening, national representative (ext. 852), and Michael Nolan, director of business administration and treasurer (ext. 853), are ready to help and encourage your leadership team.

Consultation services include:

  • Pastoral counsel—spiritual help and ministry guidance (John Greening)
  • Church finance and business—wise budget management and fiscal efficiency (Michael Nolan)
  • Pastor/deacon relationships—administration of Biblical leadership roles, training, and dealing with conflicts (John Greening)
  • Leadership training—helping church staff and volunteers gain skills, wisdom, and motivation (John Greening)
  • Spiritual maturity development—education strategies and assessments for helping people grow in Christ (John Greening)
  • Conflict resolution—handling of church conflicts and fostering congregational unity (John Greening)
  • Revitalization strategies—key areas of ministry focus (John Greening)
  • Dissolution assistance—guidance in the process of closing a church (Michael Nolan)

Consultation is free of charge to churches in the GARBC. If an onsite visit to a church is requested, the association asks the church to reimburse travel expenses. Honorariums to help the association continue to offer consultation services are welcomed.