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  • Renew Our Strength

    Renew Our Strength

    Ministry is draining. Whether it’s the busyness of a growing ministry, the heartache of a ministry in conflict, the struggle of a lethargic ministry, or the needs of a new ministry, each of these demands immense time and utmost attention. When we add to our ministry responsibilities the needs of our own family and friends who have health concerns, exciting ...more

  • 5 Things New Believers Need for Growth

    5 Things New Believers Need for Growth

    The local church, by God’s design, has the responsibility of fostering spiritual growth. All that we do in worship, fellowship, service, and Bible study ought to be means toward our end, that is, discipleship. In short: the church is to be a training center for spiritual growth and equipping. Disciple making is our mission! Unfortunately, it seems that many in our ...more