Hurricane Response: Ready to Help

"Defending the Historic Christian Faith" in Myanmar Bible Conference

God Is Sovereign Over the Weather

Colin Kaepernick and Nike: Believe in . . . Something?

Church Family Camp—Alaskan Style

Responding to Depression and Suicide

Ministry Highlights

  • June 2018 E-Info: A Terrific Lineup!

    June 2018 E-Info: A Terrific Lineup!

    Hello, friends, I just reviewed the 2018 GARBC Conference program before it goes to the printer. The conference lineup is terrific. The speakers are top-notch expositors ...more

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  • Drastic Measures

    Drastic Measures

    Moses took radical action against sin. He understood that sin leads to destruction and death, and he didn’t mess ...more

  • Your Mom Chose Life

    Your Mom Chose Life

    As followers of the living God, we have an obligation to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and to stand for ...more

  • Justification and the Gospel

    Justification and the Gospel

    Any putative gospel that denies justification through faith alone is a false gospel, whatever other elements of truth it may contain. ...more

  • Healthy Church

    Healthy Church

    What is a healthy church? A healthy church is one that maintains its first ...more

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