Connected to Christ Conference Launches


Welcome to Omaha!


Sundaes on Monday at 2015 GARBC Conference


Sunday School Teacher Training Continues in India


A Regular Baptist Response to the Same-Sex Marriage Decision


Bridgewater Baptist Accepts Challenge to 'Be the Church'

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  • Welcome to Omaha!

    Welcome to Omaha!

    The GARBC staff arrived in Omaha, Nebraska, on the evening of Sunday, June 28, eager to kick off the 2015 national ...more

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  • Misdirected Love

    Misdirected Love

    The greatest danger facing the believer is not future persecution but daily love seduction from the world system. ...more

  • Who Redefined Marriage?

    Who Redefined Marriage?

    Governments can use the powerful apparatus of civil censure to force people to behave as if a relationship between two people of the same sex ...more

  • Preaching Parables

    Preaching Parables

    When reading books or hearing sermons on parables, you may well encounter some interesting commentary. Too often people approach the Bible’s parables as if they ...more

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