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Amherst Teen Food Fight Outreach


Deluges in Michigan, New York, and New Jersey


A Cup of Cold Water


Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association Holds Annual Meeting


School Supply Giveaway Draws a Crowd


Ebola Update

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  • Teen Food Fight Outreach

    Teen Food Fight Outreach

    AMHERST, Ohio—An organized food fight at Faith Baptist Church served as an outreach event for teens. "It was a blast," says Youth Pastor Cory Prosowski. Food ...more

  • Continued Ebola Update

    Continued Ebola Update

    Jesse Quapourlee of Libera, West Africa, recently asked for financial help in providing Ebola relief efforts in Liberia. He now sends an update. He says, ...more

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  • Regular Baptist Fall Web Class Schedule Announced

    The Regular Baptist Web Community fall class schedule is now available at Regular Baptist Web Community events are an ideal resource for Regular Baptist Press customers, and support the RBP mission of providing educational resources that strengthen the local church. ...more