A Jazzed-Up Sunday School


Student Veterans Day Program an Annual Tribute


Vernon Rosenau Appointed President of Baptist Mid-Missions


IPFBM Partner Supports Other Partnering Pastors


Reflections on the Paris Terrorist Attacks


Midwest Congress Reminds of Shared Heritage and Principles

Ministry Highlights

  • The Gift of a Sign

    The Gift of a Sign

    Be part of the historic move of Regular Baptist Ministries to its new location! As a Christmas giving emphasis, the Resource Center staff is asking ...more

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  • Woodlawn: Movie Review

    Woodlawn: Movie Review

    With the recent Hollywood success of War Room as a #1 movie, I see no reason why Woodlawn will not be a huge hit too. ...more

  • Pastor Appreciation Gifts

    Pastor Appreciation Gifts

    October is Pastor Appreciation Month. I have received multiple calls asking about the tax treatment of pastor appreciation gifts. I attempt to simplify things as ...more

Educational Resources

  • A Jazzed-Up Sunday School?

    A Jazzed-Up Sunday School?

    by John F. Klem The Wall Street Journal recently published an article entitled, "How Churches Are Rethinking Sunday School." The author, Melanie Grayce West, documents how several New York City churches are rethinking and redesigning the traditional approach to Sunday School. The new approaches include everything from a redesign of the classroom space to a limited use of the Bible in the actual time spent together in the class. ...more