Iowa Churches Repair Hurricane-Damaged Homes in Texas

Vogels Lead Workshops at International Conference

Council Making Progress on National Representative Search

Moving Forward: Consultation Services Assist

Southern California Churches Enjoy Men's Retreat

Day 3 at IPFBM All-Partners Conference

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  • Renewal and Prophetic Distance

    Renewal and Prophetic Distance

    How should the church engage culture? It’s an important question because the culture is at war, and we’d better know where we stand when the ...more

  • Thin Green Line

    Thin Green Line

    When you hear the word "God," money is probably not your first thought. However, if we’re not careful, money can quickly take the place of ...more

RBP VBS 2018 – November 2017

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  • David Gunn Named Director of RBP

    David Gunn Named Director of RBP

    David Gunn has been named director of Regular Baptist Press. Gunn, who joined the staff of RBP in 2014, assumed his new responsibilities in early ...more